Drowning white

29. srpna 2015 v 1:37 | Pomeranč |  Má tvorba
I'm in the cellar
I'm smile of your mom
Feel the distance
It's so far

I'm leaving my country
For few cents on the ground
Love Nick Cave's moustache
And love his sound

Smoking your soul
Cigarette getting wild
I will love you holy
Drowning in blood

Heartbeat's getting faster
What have you done
Just feel the disaster
Away, gotta run

And The Smiths in the ears
Marriage on touch
White underwear, darling
And feeling that sucks

Your lips and your breasts
Counting to ten
Drowning in paleskin
White as a swan

I've heard you coming
Into my blues
Again, you're drowning
Little filthy muse

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